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Being a full remote operating company enabled us to deep dive into different modern opportunities in the field of the digital work and business. All our knowledge, challenges and projects will be provided to you on this website. It will open the gate to build and maintain your own online business by creating digital products and become location independent by working remotely. If you already have an online business and need some support, we love to introduce you to our Virtual Copilots services, that will provide to you the wings to make your ideas fly.

You will also learn how to achieve your most ambitious goals by getting introduced to our modern proceed models and online collaboration tools. With our digital products, we will not just explain the models and tools to you, but also provide to own created patterns of using them to become extraordinary efficient.

The name says it all: At MakerMinds we love to make, we love to progress and to co-create the future. We love to step into new fields, to discover and to learn. We love to change the game by always challenging the status quo, by questioning conventional work but also lifestyle patterns. Last but not least we love to meet new gamechangers along the way, to inspire and to create meaningful jobs, that fills people with joy but also enable them to grow every day. 

MakerMinds LLC


The main driver for starting up MakerMinds was to increase modern and meaningful jobs, ensuring human enriched digitalization and moving forward to society 5.0. 

The idea is to combine different approaches such as agile proceed models and online collaboration tools to enable time and location independent remote work.

There are a variety of modern jobs, which have the ability to be pursued remotely. At MakerMinds for example there are two departments providing remote jobs: Product Development and Virtual Copilots.

Product Development

This department is focused on creating digital products, which can be categorized in two different types:

  • Digital Info Products
    • eBooks
    • Email courses
    • Video Trainings
    • Live Webinars
    • Info Graphics
  • Software Products
    • Mobile Apps 
    • Online Platforms

Virtual Copilots

Both departments are operating full remote. A virtual office connects the remote team by using online collaboration tools and ensure efficient progress due to modern agile task management.

We are moving towards a fast digitized world, where every field we can imagine is affected by. Software developers, online marketers and digital transformers are the new rockstars of our society. And they all have one thing in common: these digital workers can perform their jobs time and location independent. Even if remote work is a still quite alien field for most of the companies, at the same time, another trend is rising. Terms like digital nomads, fulfilling and meaningful jobs, but also new work are becoming exciting and desirable perspectives for a lot of people. More and more employees are leaving their comfort zone and starting a self-determined life as self-employers.

Realizing that this trend is the beginning of how upcoming work will look like, MakerMinds has the aim to co-create the future by spreading the idea of digital jobs and remote work.

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