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One of the most underestimated fields and at the same time one of the most impacting speed boosters is the creation of documentation. Especially when it comes to on-board new team members but also as a reminder for solutions or simply contract details through clear specifications. Yet, this powerful process requires focus and a lot of time. Unfortunately, this is a luxury that decreases often very fast due to high pressure in ongoing business. 

Knowing this, our Virtual Copilots can be your ghost writers to follow your processes and create powerful documents out of your business activities but also agreements. The creation and maintenance of the documents will be no longer all at your own responsibility. Our aim by that is to enable you to focus on your core business. Using high efficient proceed models and collaboration tools, our team ensures magnificent process management and transparent communication with you. Moreover, the agile workstyle we use, enables us to respond to your change request in a highly agile way.


After booking our service, you will be contacted by our Virtual Copilots by email to discuss further steps.

Introducing you to our process flow

Ongoing communication to discuss partial results

Document implementation

Preparing ready-to-deliver result files

Delivery of result and final discussion



How great is to know that someone is out there to make your life easier? There is a door you can knock and get the support you need.  



Lifesaving, indeed! Virtual Copilots are here reduce workload and manage the complex document lifecycle. Thereby it is not only the document creation but also the document maintenance over a period of time.  By being a professional and efficient team , we ensure you support you at the most time consuming tasks such as documentatio. Dive into your core business and let Virtual Copilots tackle the surrounding documentation processes.


Reason & Result

Documentation Would Save Redundant Explanation

Our clients are capable to do everything but their limited time would never give them the space they need to fulfill their most ambitious goals. Especially where it comes to documentation, which needs a continuous engagement. 

But we provide a solution for that. By using Virtual Copilots by MakerMinds, you will be able to accomplish your aims and change the game. See your new team members on-beard themselves by receiving comprehensive documentations and find modern illustrations of your processes to share with your company.

Reason to Book

You should book our Virtual Copilot service if:

  • you face overload issues
  • progress is too slow due to explanation repetitions
  • there are time issues
  • you need more focus on more important tasks
  • processes are not clear for every team member
  • issues on clear specification related to agreements

Service Result

Our Virtual Copilots will deliver to you:

  • document build on up-to-date documentation techniques
  • high quality and reusable information
  • extraordinary fast on-boarding of new team members
  • continuous support on request
  • business security due to clear agreements documentation
  • transparent and comprehensive business process modelling


In order to provide to you the best service by our Virtual Copilots, please provide to us the following information:

  • project context
  • details of your current progress state
  • your result expectation by using the service 
  • project specific resources (if needed)

Pricing and Booking

Based on your request we will provide to you an individual offer, which includes a cost split view on the sub-tasks of your request. Thereby our service package is transparent to you and can be easy customized to meet your budget.

All our service bookings are processed by our payment provider <payment-provider-name> to make the request as easy as possible for you.

In Docs We Trust

You Want The Knowledge base To Avoid Redundant Talks and We Are Your Video Recorder.



Document Creation

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