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Companies have too many experts who block innovation. True innovation really comes from perpendicular thinking.

Peter Diamandis


Creating digital info products is a great opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and by that build stronger trust in your brand. But still time is limited and you probably want to focus on your core business, which uses digital products for marketing reasons or to establish an additional business branch. 

In that case our Virtual Copilots are your wings to design, create and publish digital products for you, ready for sale. As own digital product creation is one of MakerMinds core businesses, our Virtual Copilots are proven experts in this field. We convert your idea into a digital product.


After booking our service, you will be contacted by our Virtual Copilots by email to discuss your product idea. 

  • Based on the information the Virtual Copilots will perform a lean market research. 
  • The next step is to promote your digital product by building a beautiful landing page.
  • At the same time the product content design and creation process is running.
  • After that  the sales process will be modeled and implemented.
  • Completing all previous steps the marketing strategy will be developed and also turned on. 
  • Last but not least the digital product will be launched to the world wide stage.


Imagine you have a solution for a certain problem and the conversion of this idea to adigital product is realized in an almost automated way. The whole realization process will be done for you in an extraordinary speed and with a satisfying result.

The only thing you have to do is watching the automated sales process running and recieving some thankful mails from satisfied customers, solving their problems by your solution. 

If you want to experience this extraordinary process, our Virtual Copilots are here for you.

Reason & Result

So Big ideas but so little time

We know that our clients all have fantastic ideas and big plans for the future. But the limitation of time to convert these ideas into digital products often makes them lying around like a book you wanted to read months ago. 

Don´t overload yourself to end up frustrated by not achieving your ambitious goals. Use the wings, which enables you to change the game and make use of a real product engine by MakerMinds Virtual Copilots.

Reason to Book

You should book our Virtual Copilot service if:

  • you face overload issues
  • progress is too slow
  • there are time issues
  • you need more focus on more important tasks
  • additional creative ideas are needed

Service Result

Our Virtual Copilots will deliver to you:

  • high quality digital products
  • automated sales process
  • continuous support on request
  • useful product documentation
  • higher income due to product sales


In order to provide to you the best service by our Virtual Copilots, please provide to us the following information:

  • project context
  • details of your current progress state
  • your result expectation by using the service 
  • project specific resources (if needed)

Pricing and Booking

Based on your request we will provide to you an individual offer, which includes a cost split view on the sub-tasks of your request. Thereby our service package is transparent to you and can be easily customized to meet your needs.

All our service bookings are processed by our payment provider Digistore24 to make the request as easy as possible for you.

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