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In the information age, build a website before you build a workspace.

Amit Kalantri


Creating a website is one of the most effective things you can do for your business. It’s like opening the door to the world and letting the audience know it is worthwhile to give you a chance. A lot want chances but are only a few who make it in this fast-changing world.  Be the one who grabs the opportunity and make your website appealing and enjoyable by great user experience.

Nevertheless, the inability of focusing on multiple project fields and at the same time keeping a clear focus on core business, makes the collaboration with a professional team inevitable. The most valuable strategy is to enable yourself to focus on your core business.

Our Virtual Copilots will manage the overall creation process and prepare all surrounding steps of bringing the website online. Organised by high efficient proceed models and collaboration tools, our team ensures extraordinary progress and transparent communication. Last but not least and agile workstyle which enables us to respond always in a professional way to your change requests.


After booking our service you will be contacted by our Virtual Copilots by email to discuss further steps. 

  • Introducing you to our process flow
  • Presenting the designing sample
  • Presenting the development project 
  • Launching time details
  • Delivery of the result and final discussion


Being in business without a website is like doing Skydiving without a parachute!
Why choosing to be invisible, while having the opportunity to let everyone know about you, your values and your vision?

Our aim is to let you focus on your core business, support you on the surrounding tasks and by that increase your competitiveness. Having Virtual Copilots wings will save you a lot of design and configuring hours, which are better invested in your content strategy. Also time consuming changes due to new layouts and content requests are not longer causing headaches at your side. 

Reason & Result

we have a website but no time

We are sure our clients are filled with wonderful ideas regarding their website. But, there are a lot of questions and such little time for getting the answers. So, tasks are left for later and as we all know, later often is similar to never.

But what would be if you could just make a wish and Virtual Copilots turning this wish into reality. What would be if you could shut off the surrounding noise and think about your strategy in a peaceful, quiet place. We are here to ensure this privilege.

Reason to Book

You should book our Virtual Copilot service if:

  • you face overload issues
  • progress is too slow
  • there are time issues
  • you need more focus on more important tasks
  • additional creative ideas are needed

Service Result

Our Virtual Copilots will deliver to you:

  • a website build on up-to-date web knowhow
  • high quality design
  • strategy that actually converts
  • higher income due to engaging audience

    Our company operates full remote, so the whole service request is processed online.


In order to provide to you the best service by our Virtual Copilots, please provide to us the following information:

  • project context
  • details of your current progress state
  • your result expectation by using the service 
  • project specific resources (if needed)

Pricing and Booking

Based on your request we will provide to you an individual offer, which includes a cost split view on the sub-tasks of your request. Thereby our service package is transparent to you and can be easy customized to meet your budget.

All our service bookings are processed by our payment provider Digistore24 to make the request as easy as possible for you.

Your Stage we build

never build a website to have a website, do it to change the game of your market



Website creation

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